All gender is a performance, all performance gendered

Kathleen Gallagher

Reading the full Research in Drama Education (RiDE) themed edition on Gender and Sexuality, at one go as I have done, makes for an especially interesting experience. One gets an immediate sense of the expanse of the terrain as well as, in this case, an unanticipated coherence across vastly different geographic, cultural and institutional landscapes and theatre practices. There is shared theoretical language – a queer, feminist, post-structural language – introduced by the editors and followed through by several contributing authors. There is also a reflexivity shared by many of the writers contemplating the work they have observed, or engaged in, across both the developed articles and shorter accounts of practice/performance that come at the end of the issue. In these pages, gender and sexuality seemed no longer a special, abstruse ‘lens’, but rather a way of uncovering the scripts of the everyday and our own deep implications in them.



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